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He helped his overdosing friend by calling 911. Police slapped him with a manslaughter charge.

When his friend began overdosing last November, 32-year-old Christopher Williams did what everyone has been taught to do with a person in a medical emergency: He called 911. Tragically, his friend still died.

This week, Williams was charged with manslaughter for the death.

The reason: Williams was allegedly involved in helping 18-year-old Ariell Brundige in Clay County, Florida, get the drug that she overdosed on. That would normally involve, perhaps, charges for drug possession or distribution. But in this case, police have not only charged Williams with manslaughter, but have also charged 32-year-old Trumaine Muller, who supplied the drugs to Brundige, with murder and 26-year-old Tyler Hamilton, who also helped in getting the drugs, with manslaughter, according to Jacksonville.com.

According to police, Brundige joined Hamilton, her boyfriend, and Williams, a friend, to buy what they thought was heroin from Muller. It turned out to be fentanyl, a

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