More Guns, Less Crime Redux

People who hate gun violence should move to a community with a high rate of gun ownership.

That’s the counterintuitive takeaway of a new analysis of murder in the United States.

John Lott’s Crime Prevention Center looked at violence in the U.S. Most murders take place in two percent of counties. More than half of counties registered zero murders. Places with high gun ownership rates tended to boast few murders. Places with high murder rates tended toward low gun ownership rates.

“It just so happens that the counties that have zero murders have by far the highest gun ownership rates,” Lott explains to The American Spectator. “The gun ownership rates in those more rural parts of the country are about 111 percent higher than the gun ownership rates in the urban areas that have the highest murder rates.”

Surely other factors, such as population density, demographics (particularly age and sex), and economics,

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