100 years ago in Spokane: Former deputy arrested on murder charge moments after jury acquits him in another murder … – The Spokesman

Charles A. Palmer was declared not guilty of murder. However, right after he thanked the jury foreman for a “true verdict,” Palmer was re-arrested for another murder.

This trial had been only for the murder of George Verbeck, but Palmer had also shot Nels Verbeck, George’s father, and Nels had died of his wounds weeks later. This re-arrest was for the murder of Nels, so it appeared that Palmer would be standing trial again.

The jury apparently accepted Palmer’s contention that he shot in self-defense after he was confronted by several drunken antagonists outside a Milan poolroom, near Deer Park. On the first ballot, seven jurors voted for acquittal. On a second ballot, only two jurors held out for conviction, and they favored a second-degree verdict. They apparently changed their minds on subsequent ballots.

The prosecutor expressed disappointment in the jury’s verdict and said there was a tendency among the jurors to “shirk

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