Firearms Instructor Offers Free Classes to Women

Detroit, Michigan gun shop owner and Firearms Instructor Rick Ector is set to offer free concealed pistol license (CPL) classes to women on May 21, 2017. Ector says this is the sixth year of his ‘Women at Arms’ class, and he expects around 600 women to attend.

A 2015 study done by the Crime Prevention Research Center, women purchasing firearms jumped 270 percent from 2007-2014. In contrast, men purchasing pistols jumped only 156 percent from previous numbers.

When asked why he offers a free workshop to women, Ector said, “Six years ago, I saw a story about a woman whose body was discarded, and I thought ‘someone should do something [about it]’. That’s when he made the decision to offer the free CPL class.

Ector was robbed at gunpoint in his own driveway became a firearms advocate after this incident in his personal life.

Interviewed at his shop, Rick’s Firearm Academy in Detroit, Ector

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