Prosecutors: Cape Coral man’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ story doesn’t add up


A Cape Coral man charged in the murder of another was in court Tuesday.

Police arrested 27-year-old Ryan Doyon on second-degree murder charges. The arrest is the first homicide arrest made in 2017 by CCPD. 

The judge refused to set a bond at Doyon’s first appearance hearing.

“I believe the facts show that he’s a great danger to the community,” said the prosecutor.

They said it’s clear that Doyon was not acting in self-defense as he has claimed.

“The one neighbor who gave a statement saw the victim knocking on the door and then just moments after, the defendant running after the victim for a great length of time shooting at his back,” the prosecutor said.

Police responded Monday morning to 1914 Cornwallis Parkway for a shooting.

When they arrived, police said they found the victim, a white male, lying

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