You plus a gun is good first line of defense, says a cop

To the editor: William Alexander’s op-ed article on taking up shooting in retirement and attending the recent National Rifle Assn. convention in Atlanta was typical naive leftism. (“What happened when a 64-year-old liberal attended his first NRA convention,” Opinion May 11)

He spoke with an African American woman whose 14-year-old son was shot three times in his head during what Alexander called a “home intrusion robbery.” The term is “home invasion robbery,” and not once in my more-than-three-decades-long career in law enforcement have I ever heard a home robbery called an “intrusion.”

This woman’s home was invaded by marauders and, yes, had she or her son had a gun he might not have been the subject of the NRA video Alexander so deplored.

I’ve been a cop so long it’s hard to remember when I wasn’t, and I’ve dealt with too many murders to recount. But it has always struck

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