Concealed-carry reciprocity measure should become law

As Sheriff, I know I can’t always be there to protect every citizen from crime. Many citizens want to protect themselves and others by carrying concealed firearms. But a growing problem for many Virginians is the confusing patchwork of state laws that make it hard for them to travel and move about the country with their firearms. That is why I am supporting legislation in Congress that would give law-abiding Virginians the ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights in every place they have the right to be, not just in Virginia. The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 would ensure that a person’s Second Amendment Rights are recognized in every state, not just their home state.

I have been a law enforcement officer for 40 years. Throughout my career, I have been guided by the desire to serve and protect my fellow Virginians, uphold our laws, and protect the constitutional

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