Prosecution: Defense can’t argue self-defense in fatal 2016 stabbing …

CLARKSBURG — The state contends that a man charged with murder in a fatal Clarksburg stabbing shouldn’t be permitted to argue self-defense.

When John Thomas III used deadly force against victim Roy Horton, Thomas didn’t believe Horton “was about to inflict death or serious bodily harm on him,” Harrison Assistant Prosecutor Andrea Roberts asserts.

She cites statements by the 57-year-old Thomas, as well as a police interview of him.

Thomas is set for trial the week of June 5 on a murder charge, with Judge Chris McCarthy presiding. The sides will argue pretrial issues at a hearing next Friday.

In the interview recorded by police, Thomas said Horton “grabbed him by the back of the neck, and then (Thomas) states, ‘I turned around and jilted him with it. I said, ‘Man, you don’t live here,’” according to Roberts.

According to Thomas, Horton then said, “You stuck me,” Roberts asserts.

Thomas said Horton then came at him

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