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Prosecutors: Cape Coral man’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ story doesn’t add up


A Cape Coral man charged in the murder of another was in court Tuesday.

Police arrested 27-year-old Ryan Doyon on second-degree murder charges. The arrest is the first homicide arrest made in 2017 by CCPD. 

The judge refused to set a bond at Doyon’s first appearance hearing.

“I believe the facts show that he’s a great danger to the community,” said the prosecutor.

They said it’s clear that Doyon was not acting in self-defense as he has claimed.

“The one neighbor who gave a statement saw the victim knocking on the door and then just moments after, the defendant running after the victim for a great length of time shooting at his back,” the prosecutor said.

Police responded Monday morning to 1914 Cornwallis Parkway for a shooting.

When they arrived, police said they found the victim, a white male, lying

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Rockford man could seek clemency, might not win, lawyers say

ROCKFORD — For nearly eight years, a Rockford man who orchestrated a botched burglary that ended in the fatal shooting of one of his accomplices has sat in a prison cell.

Cody W. Moore, 28, resides in the Dixon Correctional Center, where he is serving a 30-year sentence for armed home invasion and involuntary manslaughter.

Almost three weeks ago, Justin D. Doyle, one of the teens inside that Stillman Valley home when their friend was fatally shot, walked out of a different prison as a free man. Doyle, now 24, was freed after his sentence was commuted to time served by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

But just because Doyle was released doesn’t mean Moore’s case will end the same way.

“Clemency is an extraordinary remedy,” said Doyle’s attorney, Steven Drizin, a law professor at Northwestern University. “It’s sort of a legal

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Beyond the Banks: No vacancy

The core of a remote ward of Henderson County once hosted summer vacationers at turn-of-the-20th-century inns. Innkeepers eked a summertime living when they opened their lodging facilities to Low Country tourists seeking a cooler climate. Such accommodations included the Peacock, Inn Wood, Bonnie Bell and Bason Falls Inn — none of them extant today.


Bonnie Bell

Along loopy Bearwallow Road, Hoopers Creek native Jimmy Garren pointed out level plats where summer hotels once attracted tourists. He pulled over near a collapsed rock pillar, which marked the former entrance to the Bonnie Bell Hotel on Bearwallow Mountain. Garren spoke of the hotel’s noteworthy owner.

George Washington Connor (1857–1932) built the hotel in the late 1800s and named it for one of his daughters. Connor, a machinist and inventor, applied for patents for a washing machine. A prolific inventor, his patents included one for a street sweeper.


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Editorial: Texas mom doesn’t mince words with man who broke in (5 …

A McKinney, Texas, woman is being blasted on social media for her post, warning a young burglar that he risked being shot should he break into her familys home again.

After she encountered a young masked man in her home, and he ran off, Maria Luce posted a photo of herself and a shotgun on Facebook.

Im not sure if you know what this is, but I am locked and loaded, the caption read.

Luce is no stranger to home invasion. Shes a former reporter and news anchor who reported on many home invasions during her career.

Shes also a speaker and owner of The empowered Mom business.

But that probably didnt matter during the encounter last Thursday, when she was more worried about the safety of her 12-year-old twins upstairs during the break-in.

Luce thinks the burglar may have been after the high-dollar Yeezys tennis shoes her 14-year-old son posted on social media only a

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Power of 2: Empowering you to be safe – 3TV | CBS 5

 If you were attacked, would you know how to defend yourself? The city of Phoenix if offering free self-defense classes called “Don’t be a Victim!” It teaches anyone, children, adults, and seniors of any body size and strength to defend themselves with everyday objects, like markers for example. Visit to sign up and for more information.

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Sheriff: Botched robbery led to man’s death

Deputies now say a man stole guns from his girlfriend’s Gastonia home and then pretended to sell them in an attempt to rob people of their money.

The man who answered the door at his Painter Lane residence outside of Lincolnton around 2:45 p.m. on Saturday, May 6, believed Marion Palmer Yarborough and anther man were there to sell him weapons, Lincoln County Sheriff David Carpenter said. But after he showed interest in paying, the resident realized this was not a typical transaction.

“It was determined to be a robbery by the people that came from Gastonia,” Carpenter said. “Once they got there they attempted to rob the folks of the money they were going to pay for the weapons.”

The Gastonia men had the male resident drop to the floor at gunpoint, when a woman emerged from a back bedroom firing her handgun.

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Home invasion suspect gets beaten with bat

– A home invasion went horribly wrong for a man who tried to rob a woman.  Police say the diminutive 52-year-old woman who lives there grabbed a bat and started hitting him in the face.

It happened in Kingsport, Tennessee.  Police say on Saturday night the woman answered a knock at her door to find a woman holding a flyer about a lost dog. As soon as she opened the door, a masked man stepped into the doorway, grabbed her arm, and attempted to pull her outside. When that failed, police say the masked man pushed the resident back inside the home and shouted, “This is a robbery!”

A struggle ensued, during which time the 4’11” tall victim was able to partially remove the mask from the suspect’s face. In doing so, she immediately recognized the man as Joe Sotello, a longtime family friend. She says she also noticed what

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Woman uses baseball bat to fight off robber – WBIR

With the help of a baseball bat, a 52-year-old East Tennessee woman foiled one man’s home invasion plans and landed him in jail. 

According to Kingsport Police, the victim answered a knock at her door Saturday night to find a woman holding a flyer about a lost dog.

Right when she opened the door a masked man stepped into the doorway, grabbed her arm, and tried to pull her outside. When the woman wouldn’t budge, police said the man pushed the woman back inside the home and shouted, “This is a robbery!” 

The two then struggled and the woman partially removed the suspect’s mask and recognized him as Joe M. Sotello, a longtime family friend.  


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Teen facing charges after home invasion in Plymouth

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PLYMOUTH — An 18-year-old man is in jail and more arrests are expected following a drug-related home invasion that led to shots fired in apparent self-defense Thursday morning, according to Plymouth police

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