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Woman uses baseball bat to fight off robber – WBIR

With the help of a baseball bat, a 52-year-old East Tennessee woman foiled one man’s home invasion plans and landed him in jail. 

According to Kingsport Police, the victim answered a knock at her door Saturday night to find a woman holding a flyer about a lost dog.

Right when she opened the door a masked man stepped into the doorway, grabbed her arm, and tried to pull her outside. When the woman wouldn’t budge, police said the man pushed the woman back inside the home and shouted, “This is a robbery!” 

The two then struggled and the woman partially removed the suspect’s mask and recognized him as Joe M. Sotello, a longtime family friend.  


Read more at: http://www.wbir.com/news/crime/woman-fights-off-burglar-with-baseball-bat/435658897